Nicole Maria's latest work from October 2020 - A homage to the Bay Area, where she was born and raised.


Music: "Home" by Briana Di Mara

Dance by Nicole Maria

Cinematography by Nicole Maria

Drone Footage by Santhosh Jose

Dancing for Health during the Pandemic

Nicole Maria performs an Indo-Persian & bellydance fusion piece to the tune "Ishq- Love & The Veil" by "Niyaz".


The song is based on an Urdu poem written by the 18th century Indian poet Khwajah Mir Dard. Her dance is inspired by this time of the year, Norouz, or Persian New Year. She dedicates this piece to all of us who have been affected globally by this pandemic (COVID-19) and is dancing for peace, health, and connection.

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An improvisation to the popular song "Habito Nar" by Hakim.

Quarantine Collaboration Video Project

During the shelter in place, Nicole Maria is working on a set of collaboration videos with various musicians from around the world. The project promotes these artists, educates about different genres of music, instruments and also provides visual and auditory joy to the viewer. 

Please check out the quarantine collaboration video project here.

If you feel inclined to make a donation to the arts,  it would be appreciated during this time for us artists who have lost our work.

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